The Restaurant

Radhika Restaurant is an Indian experience from which people will take back flavours and tastes of the glorious food of the vastly diverse richly blessed Indian Sub Continent. At Radhika, a ‘dinner out’ is transformed into an exclusive ‘dining experience’ and it is here that one realizes that Indian food does not lack any of the subtleties that make a nation’s food transform from being just ‘food’ to fine cuisine.

The cuisine is a contemporary interpretation of classic Indian cooking. Utterly authentic and yet also of the times we live in. Each one of the dishes is reflective of a commitment to preserving authenticity, identity and to ensuring a stirringly sumptuous culinary adventure. 

The interiors are both elegantly simple as well as exquisitely ornate which makes it the perfect place to enjoy the meal with friends or family.

Special arrangements for Marriage, kitty and birthday parties are also available.

Radhika Restaurant is just and a minute away from the Kanpur Central Railway station.

We serve only vegetarian food.

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